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Dive into the digital age with our cutting-edge software, designed to foster genuine connections between businesses and their potential customers.

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In today's fast-paced world, consumers crave instant results. Our software caters to this need, allowing potential customers to obtain immediate, upfront estimates. But it's more than just a quoting tool; it's a gateway for them to share their contact details with you, establishing the initial bond of a lasting business relationship. With our tool, you're not just offering a price; you're laying the foundation for trust and engagement.

Easy to Install

No technical expertise required. It’s seamless integration at its best, ensuring a smooth user experience for both you and your customers.


Reflect your unique identity by personalizing logos, color schemes, and more. Make it unmistakably yours, enhancing your brand.

Accurate Estimates

Our calculators use up-to-date data and industry benchmarks, ensuring every estimate is both reliable and competitive, building credibility.

Instant Delivery

Capture and receive leads in real-time. Never miss an opportunity to engage with potential customers promptly, get instant notifications.


Seamlessly integrate with other platforms. Enhance functionality and user experience with our adaptable Webhook features.

Lead Database

Organize and manage leads efficiently. Our system ensures every potential client is cataloged for easy access and follow-up.

Benefits of Showing Estimate Price Upfront

Actual Buyers

With our system, customers view estimated prices and continue to book appointments. These are hyper-interested buyers, not mere browsers. Eliminate time-wasters and ‘tire kickers’ with our upfront pricing feature

Increased Trust

Build credibility and foster trust with our transparent system. We promote an environment of trustworthiness, prioritizing honest communication and consistency in service delivery, leading to stronger relationships with your leads and customers.

Breaks Sales Pressure

Our platform offers a low-pressure sales environment. By presenting upfront pricing and allowing customers to self-book appointments, we empower buyers to make decisions at their own pace

Lower Acquisition Cost

Experience a significant decrease in customer acquisition costs with our system. By optimizing lead generation and conversion, we help you secure more customers at a lower expense, thus maximizing your return on investment.

Lead Generation Services

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Solar Calculator


IRA Calculator


IRA Calculator


IRA Calculator

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IRA Calculator


Roofing Calculator

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Calculators Available

IRA Rebate Calculator
Easy Install Widget

The ultimate lead magnet for consumers that do not know all the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Acts rebates and credits.

Explore IRA Calculator
Solar Calculator
Easy Install Widget

Consumers can easily see what the potential cost of going solar is instantly. Breaking sales pressure and lower cost of acquisition.

Explore Solar Calculator
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